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Minoxidil is actually the active ingredient in Rogaine, so many times you'll see people refer to it by the active ingredient. Just know that they are basically one in the same, except one is the branded version while the other is the generic version. Something you might find Organic Beard Oil interesting as well is that Minoxidil was not meant to be used as a hair growth stimulant, in fact its first use was to treat high blood pressure. Doctors noticed that people taking it developed excessive hair growth, and that's how it became to be used for what it is today.

Isn't a beard merely an extension of this very same nature” argument? By nature, don't most men produce facial hair? Is it not just as obvious as the Apostle Paul suggests here with regard to hair length? It is a God-given honor to grow facial Beard Growth hair (whether a full beard, or even a partial one). It is a glorious distinction between the sexes. Even if a man can only grow a little scruff, long sideburns, or a mustache-it is still a glorious distinction and an honor God gave us.

Acceptance is one of the first steps of growing a beard: Are you actually able to grow one? How full is it going to be? If you're young—teenaged, or early 20s—it might grow fuller yet. However, if your facial hair (or lack thereof) is long established, then you've got to work with what you've Beard Grooming got. Stop assuming you'll grow a full Galifianakis, unless your whiskers are dense enough in the cheeks...and everywhere else. The good news is that there are many ways to look great with facial hair of all lengths and patterns; experimenting with it is half the fun of growing it out.

Depending on the look you're striving for, taming your beard really shouldn't require a whole lot of effort. Whether you're after a rugged look or something a little neater, the key to grooming your face lies in making it appear as natural as possible. Avoiding harsh, manicured lines is important, but equally, shapeless and unkempt isn't the way forward.

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